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Mar 19, 2013

Between January 18 and March 13 the cities of Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley experienced a large number of residential burglaries during the nighttime hours. These burglaries occurred in a five square mile area of the southwest portion of Fountain Valley and the southeast region of Huntington Beach.

There were a total of 18 burglaries reported in Huntington Beach and eight reported in Fountain Valley. There were an additional 15 attempted burglaries in which the suspects failed to gain entry. The vast majority of the burglaries involved little or no force by the suspects to enter the victim residences. In most cases, the suspects entered through unlocked doors or windows.

Property stolen in the burglaries included cash, iPhones, iPads, lap top computers, jewelry and in one case, the theft of an automobile.

In response to the burglaries, both the Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley Police Departments deployed additional personnel in an effort to prevent additional crimes and to apprehend the suspect or suspects.

On March 13, a resident in Fountain Valley woke to the sound of someone inside her house. She went to check on the noise and observed a suspect flee out her front door. The victim called 9-1-1 to report the interrupted burglary and patrol officers immediately responded to the location. Fountain Valley Police Officer Kevin Erskine observed a suspect lying in a flood control channel near the burglary. The suspect was initially pretending to be asleep, but ran when contacted by Officer Erskine. The suspect, a male juvenile from Huntington Beach, was arrested following a short foot pursuit.

Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley detectives worked together to conduct follow-up investigation. Their efforts have led to the recovery of stolen property and the arrest of three additional suspects. Each of the suspects are male juveniles from Huntington Beach.

Criminal charges are being pursued through the Orange County Juvenile Court for each of the four suspects.

Notwithstanding these arrests, residents are always encouraged to lock their doors and windows to prevent easy access to their property.